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To all members, sponsors, friends and visitors,


We are fast approaching the last ‘Chiltern’ show of 2017, and this will also be the final show of the Chiltern Shetland Pony Group.


Denise and I have been associated with organising and running the shows, on behalf of the members, for the last nine years, and a number of factors have led to the decision to hold no further shows in 2018.


Whilst we appreciate this action reduces the number of available Shetland shows in the central area, there could be benefits of greater attendances at existing shows, providing increased entry numbers and thus competition, and this will hopefully aid them in remaining viable.


Once the final accounts for 2017 are settled in full it is proposed to split any residual funds 50/50 between World Horse Welfare and Bransby Horses.


We do hope as many of you as possible can attend this final show with all surplus monies going to the charities.


Kind regards,




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